Domestic animal husbandry machinery development prospect during the 13th five-year plan

In recent years, thanks to the state's support for agricultural projects, many farmers have started to develop ecological farming at home, so the sales situation of livestock machinery is also optimistic.

According to the "13th five-year plan", China will plan to breed 61.2 billion breeding birds, with the focus on ecological breeding of breeding birds in rural areas and the development of pollution-free intensive breeding and grassland construction. This is a good opportunity for the development of animal husbandry in China, and also brings good opportunities for the animal husbandry and feed processing machinery industry in China.

Specific to the livestock machinery industry, the main development:

1. High-density cage egg equipment; Complete set of modernized and large-scale pig farm feeding equipment and complete set of dung pollution source treatment equipment; Complete set of modern broiler feeding equipment; Modern dairy farming management and product collection equipment.

2. Complete set of 20 ~ 40 tons/hour large, high-efficiency, energy-saving compound feed equipment; Complete equipment for sterilization, curing feed processing and granular feed for aquaculture.

3. Equipment for grassland improvement and forage storage and processing; Mowing and tempering machine, forage baling press and wrapping membrane silage machine; Feed processing technology and equipment for forage drying, grass powder, grass granule, grass block (cake), leaf protein extraction, etc.

4, livestock and poultry slaughtering offal processing equipment.

5. High-grade energy conversion technology and equipment. Although pasturage and feed process machinery market foreground is optimistic, but because of a variety of reasons such as history, still exist commonly at present a few problems: it is current enterprise burden is heavy, lack fund undertakes technical reform. Second, the product variety is few, the technical content is low. Third, the market competitiveness is poor, the production of products behind market demand. In view of these problems commonly existing in enterprises, the relevant departments of the state will focus on supporting a number of enterprises, so as to gradually improve the current situation of "scattered, disorderly, weak and small" in the industry, and make it the support for the development of China's animal husbandry.

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