Domestic first self-propelled TMR preparation machine successfully signed and put on the market
Macao xin machinery (Beijing) technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Macao xin) independent research and development of the first self propelled TMR preparation machine on July 17, 2021, anhui hefei successfully signed during the 12th China dairy congress, has realized the domestic brands self-propelled preparation machine market sales breakthrough of "zero".

  The device is in Australia hin, on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, through innovation and improve, independent research and development, with full intellectual property rights. Signing the buyer is heilongjiang land reclamation bureau's xin xing 8511 farm pasture. After on-site inspection, xin xing ranch to hin in the equipment, process, technology and production capacity to fully affirmed, on the domestic first self-propelled TMR recognizes preparation machine structure, performance, quality, eventually reached cooperation intention, signing on, at the same time, both in terms of animal husbandry equipment automation, intelligent in the future to cooperate with each other, in the high-end application of domestic animal husbandry machinery continue our cooperation.

  According to introducing, choose domestic dongfeng cummins engine equipment, power match more than 20% higher than that of similar imported equipment; Mixing capsule and stir the dragon blade chosen for special wear-resistant materials, service life is increased to more than 30000 hours, more than 50% higher than that of similar imported equipment; Blades adopt new technology of high supersonic spraying tungsten carbide, wear-resisting layer acuity 0.3 mm, hardness reaches over HRC50, the service life of 2000 hours, control system choose well-known brand, quality is reliable, stable performance. It filled the domestic blank, the successful development of advanced structure, reliable quality, excellent performance, the characteristics of the high cost performance. Quality performance can be par with imported equipment, price and after-sales service advantage is obvious; Is a large-scale ranch, especially small and medium-sized farms raise the level of precision feeding, reduce cost, increase benefit is the best choice.

 The successful signing, marking on domestic dairy market since TMR preparation machine recognition, popularization and application of domestic animal husbandry machinery and equipment in the broader market space.

  Macao xin machinery (Beijing) technology co., LTD., deputy general manager Mr Cantona and mudanjiang in heilongjiang province agricultural reclamation xin xing dairy professional cooperatives, chairman Mr Hong-jun wang came to sign up. The ministry of agriculture, honorary President of the former vice minister of the China dairy industry association Liu Chengguo, China dairy industry association vice-chairman concurrently secretary general Liu Yaqing, deputy secretary-general zhen-feng zhou, agricultural NongCunBu agricultural mechanical test appraisal station chief engineer of the instrument he xiu, secretary general of the China agricultural reclamation dairy federation, the China dairy industry magazine President xiao-xia dong, executive vice President of heilongjiang dairy industry association Zhang Weiyin, handsome, secretary-general of shandong province dairy industry association cheng-wu wang, secretary general Wang Lingli, hebei dairy association vice-chairman concurrently secretary general yun-sheng yuan, Beijing dairy association vice-chairman and secretary-general liao morningstar, dairy association, vice President of yunnan Li Xizhi, bright dairy, vice President and light grazing Wang Zan party secretary, chairman, general manager, light grazing ZhuangChunFeng Shang Limin investment management division director, sales division general manager, farm group co., LTD., vice general manager and ningxia helan mountain changning XiaoBo dairy directors, chief executive of the modern animal husbandry group chun-lin han, fuyuan international Zhang Xue chief operating officer, chief executive of the company to dairy group chairman zhang construction, zhang, wondersun dairy co., LTD., vice President of Wang Tingzhu, milk development minister liujun, mudanjiang in heilongjiang province agricultural reclamation 8511 farm animal husbandry coco long Liu Ziqian, mudanjiang in heilongjiang province agricultural reclamation xin xing, deputy general manager of dairy professional cooperatives Xue Hongren, holstein magazine editor-in-chief, beans and other leading comrades came to witness this historic moment a memorable.

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