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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Slings

♥ - When do I get my sling and how much does the shipping costs?

The shipping time depends on the type of freight you choose (Priority or Economic) and where you live. It may take between 6 and 15 business days. All the slings are ready for shipping, which is done after the purchase is complete. They are shipped from Florianópolis, SC, Brazil.

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♥ - How old should my baby be for using a sling (wrap sling, pouch sling or ring-sling)?

Since the first day of life. Using a sling, you are prolonging your baby's uterine life. It's highly recommended for premature. The benefits were scientifically proved.

♥ - Until what age or weight can I use a sling with my baby?

It has no limit. If you are still carrying your baby, you can use a sling. In fact, it will always be easier, even though the baby may be heavy. Generally, parent carry their kids until two or three year of age or 22kg (around 40 pounds).

♥ - Won't the baby be uncomfortable?

Your baby stayed for 9 months inside your belly. They love to be near you and hear your heart beat. In a sling, your baby is on a physiological position, similar to the one inside the uterus, with its legs like a frog. The sling must be tight, as the instruction show, giving the baby's back the proper support.

♥ – Can I use a wrap sling, pouch or ring-sling on a hot day?

Yes. You can use a sling on any weather. They are made of cotton, a breathable fabric. Remember, your baby is used to 37 degrees inside your belly. They suffer heat less than we do. A new-born may also have a hard time regulating its temperature, going from swetting to cold. You can perceive this easier when she is close to you, on a sling.

♥ - My baby is already one year old. Is it worth purchasing a sling?

Absolutely! Even toddlers love to be carried. If you have a heavy baby, you will appreciate the help of a sling for making carrying easier and have your hand free.

♥ - I already own a conventional baby carrier. Should I get a sling?

Yes. The differences are enormous. Wraps, pouches or ring-slings are much more comfortable for parents and babies, than the regular baby carriers. The baby is not just hanging from the parents body (like on a regular carrier), which makes them feel heavier and are not comfortable for the baby. On a sling, the baby is on physiological position and when tied correctly, parent and baby feel like one, with only one center of gravity.

♥- Will my baby get used to the sling? (even though he is already 6 months or older?)

With some patience and practice, all babies end up loving being carried on a sling. Slings have been used for thousands of years and it's a natural practice. Most babies love being carried from the first try, but some may need some time. Choose the proper time for your first try, when the baby had some rest, is well fed and is feeling good. Before putting the baby, try with a doll and in front of a mirror, so you get used to it. After the baby is on the sling, it's important to walk! It may be around the house, but if you can, go around the block and walk with a good pace. Constant rhythm will make the baby fall a sleep easily!

♥- My husband and I want to use the same sling. Which type is appropriate for this?

Wrap slings and ring-slings are one-size-fits-all, so they will work. Pouch slings fit only in persons with the same size.

♥ - Can I use a sling and not have back pain?

Yes. It's important to carry your baby on the right height, with it's bottom close to your belly button. The sling must be tied correctly. Please, check this instructional videos. Wrap Slings are very comfortable, since they distribute the weight of the baby in both shoulders and back.

♥ - I'm not sure which type should I get. What are the advantages of each sling?

All of the models (wrap sling, pouch sling and ring-sling) can be used with babies of all ages, from new-born.

Baby Wrap:

- distributes the weight of the baby in both shoulders and back, being an extremely comfortable sling. Check some baby wraps videos here.
- allows skin-to-skin contact, specially necessary for premature and new-born.
- gives the proper support for small babies head and spine.
- one size fits all.


- the baby can be popped in and out easily, which is important for toddlers that want to walk and explore, but also like to be carried.
- no need to learn how to tie (though adjusting the rings and putting the baby in may require some practice).
- one size fits all.

Pouch sling:

- the baby can be popped in and out easily, which is important for toddlers that want to walk and explore, but also like to be carried.
- no need to learn how to tie (though putting the baby in may require some practice).
- no need to be adjusted (fits only on persons of similar size).

You still don't know which sling to choose? Let your intuition guide you! You have to visually like your sling, since it's part of your clothing. Choose the color and patch that you like most.

♥  -  If you have any question, contact us through our contact form. After your purchase, we offer video support through skype, so we can help you set your sling properly!


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